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"We just love the photos you took at our wedding! I have to stop myself from crying when I look at them. You really captured our day in the most beautiful way." ~ Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Carter

"Oh Darby, I love your shoe dating stories! This was too cute. And I love how the hand holding part snuck in. Guess you're that girl now. ~ Brenda, commenter on Choices, Voices, and Sole blog

"This brought tears to my eyes. It was right on time for my life. And my friends! I read it aloud to my friend and she said, 'this is everything I've ever thought in my head! I want to print this out and read it every day.' Thank you so much for writing this. It was truly a gift to me." ~ Katrina, commenter on Choices, Voices, and Sole blog

"Excellent design work, as usual, on the DOC brochures. You are truly a phenomenal talent. ~ Sallie, Executive Assistant to the Director

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