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"Darby’s voice spoke to me immediately with its fast-paced, friend-centric, and contemporary style. I found it reminiscent of
Sex and the City and the Shopaholic series in the best possible way."

Gail Chasan, Harlequin Special Edition editor
Write for Harlequin's I Got the Call blogpost

Her New York Minute

Eyes on the prize…

From the moment British lead, Olivia Robinson, lands in New York City, she’s single-minded in her ambition: take America by storm and become the best portfolio manager the New York office has ever seen on her way to a big UK promotion. Romance? No way. But after a chance airplane connection with handsome Thomas Wright, the instant spark that ignites is unlike anything she’s ever felt. Thomas's role is clear, especially as Liv settles in to her temporary new life. She needs a friend—nothing more. If ambitious Liv pauses on her zoom to the top, though, can she find room for Thomas in her heart and her life—permanently?

Her New York Minute is the fourth book in The Friendship Chronicles. It is available in stores now.

Signed Copies Available
Signed Copies Available
Signed Copies Available
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Signed Copies Available

It’s never too late to put your best foot forward.

Darby Baham's The Shoe Diaries follows Reagan "Rae" Doucet, a young woman who seems to have it all: a coveted career in Washington, DC, a tight circle of friends and a shoe closet to die for. When one of her crew falls ill, however, Rae is done playing it safe. The talented but unfulfilled writer makes a “risk list” to revamp her life. But forgiving her ex, Jake Saunders, might be one risk too many…

The Shoe Diaries is the first book in The Friendship Chronicles. It debuted January 25, 2022. 

The Shoe Diaries

What happens when the first blush of love fades?

Jennifer Pritchett feels increasingly invisible and left behind as her friends move on to the next steps in their lives. As she goes to therapy to figure out how to bloom in her own right, her boyfriend, Nick Carrington, finds himself being the one left behind. Jennifer wants their relationship to have more intimacy, but he can’t help but feel like he’s being compared to others—and found wanting. Can they each get what they need out of this relationship? Or will the flowers shrivel up before they do?

Bloom Where You're Planted is the second book in The Friendship Chronicles. It was released on May 24, 2022. 

Signed Copies Available

Bloom Where You're Planted


An American in England… searching for true love!

Newly promoted expat Robin Johnson is ready to take London by storm! Her career blossoming, Rob soon tumbles headlong into the local dating scene…with disastrous results. When she confides her misadventures to her coworker’s understanding brother Craig, the last thing she expects is to find an elusive spark—with him! After so many false starts, can Rob find it in her heart to give Craig the chance that he deserves?

London Calling is the third book in The Friendship Chronicles. It was released on September 27, 2022. 

London Calling

Signed Copies Available
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