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Throughout her career, Darby has had the opportunity to write for several publications. She most recently freelanced with The Washington Post in their Solo-ish section, but has also in the past written for the Times Picayune, Heart & Soul Magazine, Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Elan Extreme Magazine, the New York Times Student Journalism Institute and more. Her articles have ranged in topic from politics, relationships, women's issues, fashion, celebrity interviews, and government matters. For seven years, she ran a personal blog, Choices, Voices, and Sole, which featured a wide variety of material, but mostly covered issues dealing with relationships, politics, and shoes for -- all from a young woman's perspective.


While she has written over 300 articles, this page serves to highlight just a few of her standouts. To view her complete online portfolio, contact Darby via the contact page on this website.

The Washington Post


Cataloguing some of her most vulnerable thoughts about dating and her fears around perfection, Darby has contributed multiple first person perspectives to The Washington Post's Relationships vertical. Click the images below and to the right to read more.

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[I wrote in The Washington Post] "about a perfect date dress I’d had in my closet for years, worried that I’d wear it on a less-than-perfect date and sully it. I realized, as I often do when I write, that I’d been living my life like that dress, and that’s when I knew I had to incorporate this idea into The Shoe Diaries as well."
Darby Baham
Write for Harlequin's I Got the Call blogpost

Choices, Voices, and Sole blog


The Choices, Voices, and Sole blog focused on relationships, politics, and shoes. Darby ran the blog for seven years as a way to express herself about 3 of her biggest passions. At its peak, the blog had an average of 300 hits a day.


In Choices, Voices, and Sole, Darby often gave tips and advice about shoe purchases, wrote creative stories, discussed relationships and delved into the political arena (especially regarding women). She used her personal experiences to provide for her unique and unfiltered perspective, but she was sure to remind readers that she was not an expert on love and relationships. Instead, she was someone who was willing to share her experiences and create a dialogue around them. Darby also added a podcast entitled Girl Talk which featured some of her closest girls discussing relationship issues, as another way to continuously expand the capabilities of the blog.

The blog was nominated for Best Sex or Relationship blog in the Black Weblog Awards two years in a row, and was also nominated for Best Writing in a blog, Best Personal blog, and Best Blog Post Series (for the Shoe Stories).


To read more, click on one of the images below or visit the blog at Choices, Voices, and Sole.

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A Little Lagniappe


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