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"Love is what drives everything—whether we are searching for it, reeling from a lost one, or happy in the relationship we’re in, or anything in between. So, when I write about romance and love, I see it as part of the revolutionary act of simply telling those stories" 
Darby Baham
Write for Harlequin's I Got the Call blogpost

Her New York Minute


"Oh how I loved Thomas and Olivia’s story! Their relationship was everything from start to finish. I loved how Olivia was so single-mindedly determined to prove herself to her new colleagues and that smooth talking, genuinely gorgeous inside and out, Thomas proved that she could have a successful career and love."-- Sara Loves Mills and Boon

"I don't know what to say about Darby Baham's writing that I haven't already said. Her writing is amazing. Her characters are real, with real-life emotions, thoughts, feelings, and goals. I find it easy to immerse myself in her stories... These two had an instant attraction. Their playfulness stole my heart. The way they communicated was on a deeper level than you generally find in romance books." -- Read Your Writes Book Reviews

"I’m all for #TeamTooMuch. Darby Baham writes a fantastic story with delightful characters you wish could be your friends. The way she seamlessly melds romance and the best of women’s fiction blows my mind. Her New York Minute is a superb romance that you will not want to put down." -- Lucy Monroe, USA Today Bestselling author

"Darby Baham’s Her New York Minute brings the romantic chemistry, humor, fun, and authentic New York experience to readers in a refreshing and powerful way." -- LaQuette, award-winning romance author

“Her New York Minute embodies the vibrant city life with characters so authentic they feel like your friends and a palpable romance that burns at an irresistible pace. Add to that the witty pop culture references and celebration of sisterhood, and you’ve got the perfect addition to Baham’s beloved Friendship Chronicles series!” — Denise N. Wheatley, author of ER Doc’s Las Vegas Reunion

"Her New York Minute channels the magnetism of the city and delivers nothing but good vibes. Darby Baham's storytelling is full of cheeky humor, the greatness of Black entertainment, and the chemistry is positively electrifying––I was swept away with that giddy feeling of blushing and butterflies whenever Liv and Thomas drew close to one another." -Taj McCoy, author of Savvy Sheldon Feels Good As Hell and Zora Books Her Happy Ever After

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Author Interview with Charlene Groome: Escape to New York with Friends

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The Shoe Diaries


"debut author Baham deftly channels her own Sex and the City vibe to craft an
emotionally engaging story featuring a superbly rendered protagonist whose
realistically complicated and relatably messy life will long resonate with anyone
trying to make positive changes for themselves..." -- Booklist 

"This was a great read, written in a beautiful, insightful way that will inspire you to
look at your relationships, friends, and happiness with your life. We all deserve
great things and to live happy." -- A Midlife Wife

"Excellent book and very much recommended." -- Confessions of a Bookaholic

"I was not prepared for the variety of feelings this book took me through, but I have to say it was well worth it... it's a really fantastic book with characters that shine, and it swept me up pretty effortlessly, A very beautiful and engaging read." -- The Smut Report

Black Fiction Addiction Author Interview: Meet Debut Author Darby Baham--And Her Shoes

"This story could be called “the black version of Sex & the City”, but it’s much more than that. Yes, we see a group of friends who go on a trip, buy shoes (which I love!!) and tell their stories with a glass of wine in their hands. However, the plot highlights the union between friends, family values ​​and how love always wins over fear. This is my first book by this author, and it won’t be the last." -- Harlequin Junkie

Authority Magazine Interview: Author Darby Baham on How to Successfully Navigate Work, Life, and Love as a Powerful Woman

Bloom Where You're Planted


"In the second empowering addition to her Friendship Chronicles, following The Shoe Diaries (2022), Baham once again displays her mastery of insightful characterization and her ability to write with heart and hope about life's ups and downs, all of which are made better with a little help from our friends."-- Booklist 

"One thing I can promise you is that Darby is not going to spare a single one of your feelings. She is going to hit on the whole spectrum of emotion, but I guarantee you you're going to love the story by the end." -- Aaron from Aaron's Reading Room

Black Fiction Addiction Author Interview 

"5 stars. If Darby Baham isn’t on your author reading list, then she NEEDS to be...  I honestly loved this story from beginning to end. [It] brought a heated passion I wasn’t expecting... But what I really, really loved about this story was the relationship Jenn and Nick shared...Things for them weren’t and aren’t always pretty but I loved watching them evolve." -- Kim from Read Your Writes


"5 stars. Bloom Where You’re Planted was not what I expected…and not what many faithful category readers will expect either. It is, however, not a bad fit for category romance or the Special Edition line... It’s a really sweet, heartfelt, and insightful book (it’s even interspersed with quotes related to “blooming” and personal growth), and while it is a rather atypical release from a Harlequin category line, it’s definitely worth giving a chance." -- Courtney Reads Romance

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