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Darby began her career as a sports desk intern at The Times Picayune in New Orleans, La. Since then, she has written for several news organizations, including The Washington Post in their Relationships vertical. For 7 years, she also ran a blog titled Choices, Voices, and Sole that focused on her dating life, love of shoes, and all things politics.

In January 2022, Darby's debut novel, The Shoe Diaries will hit stores and online retail outlets. The book is the first in the mini-series, The Friendship Chronicles.

Currently senior managing editor at a New York City nonprofit, Darby spends her days laughing with friends and loved ones and longing for the shoe closet she once had in Maryland.

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"Don’t sacrifice your dream for perfection. There were so many times I thought about quitting and figured maybe being a published author just wasn’t in the cards for me because I couldn’t get the story perfect. But each time I considered stopping, I couldn’t."
Darby Baham
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